Gitcoin Passport Integrated with OKX Web3 Wallet- What Does it Mean?

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3 min readJun 14, 2023


In a recent blog post, Vitalik Buterin emphasized three essential technical transitions for unlocking the full potential of Ethereum: scalability, wallet security, and privacy. The integration of OKX Web3 wallet with Gitcoin Passport addresses two of these key points, namely wallet security and privacy.

Wallet security is supported by ERC-4337, a standard that empowers users with smart wallet contracts. These contracts enable the creation of programmable wallets that offer enhanced security and usability through account abstraction. This upgrade allows smart contracts to control Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs), offering a more flexible approach to programming security rules. It also simplifies account recovery and opens up possibilities for social recovery options. OKX Web3 Wallet, the self-custody MPC wallet from the second-largest exchange by trading volume, will soon support account abstraction in the upcoming weeks.

So, how can the 100k daily active users of OKX Web3 Wallet interact with Gitcoin Passport? Let’s revisit Vitalik’s point about privacy transitions. It encompasses not only the availability of “transferring privacy-preserving funds” but also a privacy-preserving identity and reputation system.

Responding to this challenge, Gitcoin aims to provide a universal reputation and identity system backed by privacy. Participants in Gitcoin Passport can access the most trustworthy web3 experiences and maximize their opportunities to participate and benefit in the web3 ecosystem.

Gitcoin has long been a leader in fostering open source and decentralization within the Ethereum ecosystem. With a thriving community of over 300,000 developers, Gitcoin serves as a central hub for collaboration and innovation. Furthermore, Gitcoin has been at the forefront of public goods funding, pioneering innovative mechanisms to support projects that contribute to the common good. Now, Gitcoin is taking its impact to the next level with the development of Gitcoin Passport.

This decentralized identity solution empowers users to securely manage their digital identities across multiple platforms, allowing users to collect “stamps” from various validators in both Web2 and Web3 domains, such as Twitter and Proof of Humanity. These stamps serve as verifiable credentials, and when multiple stamps are accumulated in the Gitcoin Passport, trust can be shared among different entities. After dApps integrate with Gitcoin Passport, they can establish custom algorithms for assigning different stamp weights based on their preferences and participation requirements.

Gitcoin stands as one of OKX’s closest partners in championing developer ecosystems, decentralization, and technological innovation. The seamless integration between OKX Web3 and Gitcoin serves to fortify their positions as trusted and pioneering forces within the community, actively driving sustainable and inclusive development forward.

In Vitalik’s own words, “achieving scalability, wallet security, and privacy for regular users is crucial for Ethereum’s future, not just in terms of technical feasibility, but in terms of actual accessibility for regular users. We need to rise to meet this challenge.” The integration of Gitcoin Passport with OKX Web3 Wallet offers users a seamless and versatile solution for managing their digital identities, while injecting fresh vitality into the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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