OKX Ventures Announces Investment in Celestia Labs

OKX Ventures
2 min readOct 16, 2023

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of leading crypto exchange and Web3 technology company OKX, today announced the participation in last year’s Series B for Celestia Labs.

Celestia is the first modular blockchain network, meaning developers can use Celestia as a base layer for consensus and data functions, and then choose a virtual machine, such as Ethereum, Solana, zero-knowledge roll-ups or any other compatible smart contract execution layers, to build and deploy their own new blockchain. This contrasts with previous generations of blockchain infrastructure, in which Layer-1 chains perform consensus, data functions and execution altogether — a structure Celestia calls ‘monolithic.’

Celestia is also expected to be the first blockchain network to use Data Availability Sampling (DAS) when it goes live later this year. DAS is a lighter, faster way to verify blocks without requiring nodes to download all the data in a block. By allowing nodes to verify smaller, randomly selected data within a block, Celestia intends to avoid the scalability tradeoffs which have historically held back Layer-1s to date.

OKX Ventures Founder Dora Yue said: “For the sake of scalability, we see a trend towards modularity in the blockchain industry. Celestia has pioneered a modular approach that is a completely different paradigm when compared to traditional Layer-1 chains, giving developers greater customization capabilities and potentially leading blockchain infrastructure into a new era.”

Developers can receive several benefits by using Celestia as a base layer for deploying modular blockchains. These benefits include higher scalability, shared security for interoperability between apps, and the flexibility to choose between execution environments including Ethereum and Solana.

To learn more about Celestia, click here.

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