OKX Ventures Announces Investment in Wild Forest, an Innovative Web3 Free-to-Play Real-Time Strategy Game

OKX Ventures
2 min readMay 8, 2024

OKX Ventures today announced that it has made an investment in Wild Forest, an innovative web3 free-to-play real-time strategy game.

Featuring fast-paced PvP battles and a token-driven economy, Wild Forest is an exciting addition to the Web3 gaming space.

Wild Forest has already made a substantial impact in the market. The game boasts 18,300 daily active users, 61,900 monthly active users and over 104,800 installations. With a high retention rate and over 47,100 Beta NFT holders, Wild Forest is proving to be a favorite among gamers with over 1 million NFTs minted since its Beta launch.

Additionally, Wild Forest has a robust token economy with over 27,300 Beta $WF token holders and 497,000+ transactions. The game’s popularity and success are underscored by the early NFT Sale on February 22, 2024, which sold out in just 7 minutes.

Wild Forest is backed by Sky Mavis, Animoca Brands, Spartan Group, and Kahuna. With such strong backing and its successful Beta launch, Wild Forest is poised for continued growth and success in the Web3 gaming market.

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