OKX Ventures Hosts ‘Global Horizon Meetup’ During Token2049

OKX Ventures
4 min readSep 13, 2023

OKX Ventures successfully hosted a meet-up, titled: “Global Horizon: Investing Across the Globe and Ecosystem Meetup,” prior to Token2049 on September 12 at Tinbox, Singapore. Some of the best builders in Layer-2 and leading Web3 VCs attended the meetup, all sharing the same vision of continuing to innovate in the crypto space. Here are some takeaways from the meet-up.

During the VC panel at 16:00, it was mentioned that these four VCs — Hack VC, LongHash, Cypher Capital and Polygon Ventures — have invested over 50 million in crypto and Web3 projects in the first half of 2023. Investors also noted that the trend in global crypto and Web3 investment is to capture the fundamental value that remains intact.

Layer-2s have engineered a native solution to reduce transaction costs through networks and projects such as zkSync, Taiko, Scroll and Gitcoin. Representatives from these projects shared their experiences and strategies for ecosystem expansion and community building.

During the second panel on “Ecosystems,” zkSync Head of Business Development Omar Azhar shared that:

zkSync is the fastest growing Layer-2 ecosystem on Ethereum and the ZK Stack provides a free modular framework for building your own Layer-2s and Layer-3s with zkSync’s ZK Tech. We are open to all builders.

Gitcoin Head of Impact Azeem Khan also highlighted that:

Gitcoin recently launched the Public Goods Network (PGN), which is an OP stack Layer-2. PGN is focused on using sequencer fees to fund organizations working in public goods.

Scroll APAC DevRel Vincent Jin was also in attendance, sharing that

Scroll is currently in “Sepolia Testnet,” where 3.4 million transactions have been made — with over 230,000 active addresses in the past month. Vincent is keen to grow the builder community, and also shared that Scroll delivers an exceptional developer experience, achieving an improved gas efficiency of 50% and empowers trustless building with the mission to scale Ethereum.

Taiko Ecosystem & Finance Lead David Mirzadeh also attended the event, where he expressed

his welcome to all Ethereum builders seeking the smoothest Layer-2 onboarding experience without compromising on security. David urged builders requiring support to take part in the Taiko DAO’s Grants program.

OKX Ventures Partner Jeff Ren closed the event by saying:

We’re real partners and participants in our partner ecosystems with a shared commitment to innovation, builder support and the developer community for a thriving Web3 environment.

OKX Ventures is excited to see fast growth in the crypto industry. During the meet-up’s opening speech delivered by OKX Ventures Founder Dora Yue, she highlighted the

remarkable achievements of crypto products from 2017 to 2023. Upgrading of Layer-2 has been witnessed — and over 1.2 billion Bitcoin addresses and 183 million ETH addresses have been registered. Additionally, 6 billion TX fees have been made on chain over the past three years.

Dora also gave examples of thriving applications in the Web3 space, including LSDfi and NFT benefits leveraged by mainstream enterprises. Gaming UX has also improved with the incorporation of digital assets, prompting protocols to generate revenues in a decentralized manner. Dora further emphasized the importance of giving more attention to developers and builders, which aligns with the principle of “long-termism” held by OKX Ventures.

OKX Ventures is dedicated to investing funds into promoting connectivity and integration to drive product, community and growth!

OKX Ventures is pleased to have hosted a meetup that brought together some of the top builders and contributors in the Web3 space.

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