OKX Ventures Makes a seed round Investment in Type 2.5 ZkEVM Kakarot

OKX Ventures
2 min readNov 15, 2023

OKX Ventures is pleased to announce the seed round investment in Kakarot, a Type 2.5 ZkEVM written in Cairo, a Turing-complete programming language. Cairo 0 is designed to compile into Cairo Assembly(CASM), which generates execution traces. These traces are then used to produce Stark Proofs.

Kakarot originated in October 2022 as a community initiative during a StarkNet Hacker House. Since then, it has evolved into a company with the mission of scaling Ethereum.

Thanks to robust and vivid community engagement and the capabilities of Cairo, developed by the Starkware team, Kakarot achieved full opcode equivalence in just two and a half months. Kakarot is currently in the process of launching its first testnet, which will function either as an L2 on Ethereum or an L3 on StarkNet.

Beyond this initial stage, Kakarot plans to become a Type 1 ZkEVM, which will enable any L1 node to generate Stark Proofs. Additionally, Kakarot is currently exploring other ZKPs, account abstraction, and scaling solutions that can contribute to the growth and resilience of the Web3 space.

“We are honored to participate in the seed round of investment in Kakarot, a Cairo language-based ZkEVM. Kakarot is built on Starknet, with an innovative coding language that solves the problem of the Starknet‘s incompatibility with EVMs, enabling the Ethereum ecosystem to thrive on Starknet.” Said Dora, Founder of OKX Ventures.


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