OKX Ventures Partners with dappOS, Web3 operating protocol

OKX Ventures
2 min readJul 27, 2023
OKX Ventures partners with dappOS

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of the second-largest crypto platform by trading volume and Web3 technology company OKX, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with dappOS, an operating protocol that manages crypto infrastructures for users.

dappOS is designed to lower the barrier to interacting with crypto infrastructures, providing flexible wallets managing and controlling bouncing among different chains by dappOS Network. Users bridge assets by executing costing gas seamlessly in the best experiences and security is ensured by decentralized nodes.

We are entering a new ear, where DeFi lego-ing $44.282 billion TVL ( Total Value Locked on chains), Layer1s amassed over 237 million transactions on Ethereum and Bitcoin in the last 6 months in 2023, while web3 layer2 users onboarded over 1.2 billion on Arbitrum/Optimism, Web3 perception has assimilated 90% humans in 15 countries across 5 continents by a survey.

“ The great demand for the simple and clean public goods in crypto surging solid, we are great to see that dappOS shortcut scouting in the new Web3, dappOS gave an early advantage to crafting over 25 prominent dapps, serving over 6k+ users”, Dora Yue Founder of OKX Ventures puts it this way, “ dappOS not only allows users to manage multi-chain assets using their native chain accounts but also helps dapp projects quickly and conveniently reach users across multiple chains. Additionally, it can enrich the application ecosystem on new public blockchains. We are expecting to see dappOS V2 LIVE soon, web3 users are excited about owning assets by one unified account with a single signature to simply engaged in web3. ”

About dappOS

DappOS is a Web3 operating protocol that has recently closed a pre-seed funding round by Binance Labs. DappOS introduces unified account to provide CeFi-like user experience and a complete decentralization at the same time.

About OKX Ventures

OKX Ventures is the investment arm of OKX, a leading global crypto exchange and innovative Web3 company. With an initial capital commitment of USD 100 million, OKX Ventures focuses on exploring the best blockchain projects on a global scale, supporting cutting-edge blockchain technology innovation, promoting the healthy development of the global blockchain industry and investing in long-term structural value. Through its commitment to supporting entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of the blockchain industry, OKX Ventures helps build innovative companies and brings global resources and historical experience to blockchain projects.



OKX Ventures

OKX Ventures is an investment institution under OKX.com, focusing on exploring the best blockchain projects across the globe.