OKX Ventures Tops Crypto VC Rankings, Showcases Investments in Bitcoin Ecosystem, Blockchain Infrastructure, GameFi and Applications

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SINGAPORE, May 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKX Ventures, the investment arm of leading Web3 technology company OKX, has issued updates for May 24, 2024.

OKX Ventures Tops Crypto VC Rankings, Showcases Investments in Bitcoin Ecosystem, Blockchain Infrastructure, GameFi and Applications

Continuing its leadership in the VC space as the number one crypto venture capital firm with 52 investments made since the start of the year, OKX Ventures today published its April Investment Report. The report highlights its recent investments in the Bitcoin ecosystem, blockchain infrastructure, GameFi and application sectors.

OKX Ventures’ investments span a range of innovative projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem, such as:

  • Arch Protocol, a Bitcoin-native application platform for decentralized finance (DeFi);
  • Bitlayer, a Bitcoin Layer 2 network aimed at enhancing scalability;
  • BounceBit, a restaking infrastructure built on Bitcoin;
  • UTXO stack, a modular BTC Layer 2 blockchain launch platform; and
  • Zeus network, a project that is building cross-chain infrastructure by leveraging Solana.

In the blockchain infrastructure field, OKX Ventures has demonstrated its support for cutting-edge projects like:

  • Monad Labs, which is developing a developer-forward smart contract platform that is poised to revolutionize the decentralized digital landscape;
  • Aptos, a scalable Layer 1 PoS blockchain that uses the Move programming language to make on-chain transactions more reliable, easier to use and secure;
  • Movement Labs, aiming to combat smart contract vulnerabilities in the Ethereum ecosystem; and
  • StakeStone, a full-chain LST (Liquid Stake Token) liquidity protocol.

As the GameFi and application sectors experience remarkable expansion, OKX Ventures has invested in high-quality projects such as:

  • Matr1x, a next-gen Web3 entertainment platform with creator DAOs presenting a future cyberpunk world through high-quality multi-episode games;
  • Debox, a decentralized gaming platform;
  • Privasea, an artificial intelligence processing system that focuses on data privacy and security;
  • UXLink, a Web3 social platform and infrastructure; and
  • Cellula, a fully on-chain AI game that offers users the ability to create, compose and evolve their digital life.

OKX Ventures’ April Investment Report also outlined recent macro trends shaping the industry. These include the impact of the 2024 Bitcoin halving and the prevailing high-interest rate environment. According to the report, the potential for future rate cuts will play a pivotal role in shaping global liquidity and have an impact on the prices of Bitcoin and other “risk-on” assets.

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About OKX Ventures

OKX Ventures is the investment arm of the second-largest crypto exchange by trading volume and Web3 technology company OKX, with an initial capital commitment of USD 100 million. It focuses on exploring the best blockchain projects on a global scale, supporting cutting-edge blockchain technology innovation, promoting the healthy development of the global blockchain industry, and investing in long-term structural value.

Through its commitment to supporting entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of the blockchain industry, OKX Ventures helps build innovative companies and brings global resources and historical experience to blockchain projects.

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OKX Ventures

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